Practice with Pomodoro Technique

Sometimes I think I practice just because I feel obligated to spend “time” on the drums. So I flip open some method books and play through various exercises at semi-challenging tempos until the hour is up. But recently I started practicing with the Pomodoro Technique.

Reed Syncopation Roll Accents

One of the “must have” drum books is Ted Reed Progressive Steps to Syncopation. You can develop accented rolls using pp. 47-49 and pp. 53-58 . Play accented notes with a single stroke and all others as either an open or closed rebound.

Ted Reed Syncopation Volume Two

I just picked up Ted Reed’s Syncopation #2 in the Jazz Idiom for the Drum Set. It is a series of variations on his original Syncopation for the Modern Drummer book pages 38 – 45 exercises 1 – 8. These exercises are arranged in a triplet feel with a swung 8th note (Jazz). The ride pattern uses the traditional jazz ride but a shuffle ride or quarter note ride also work.

Ludwig Supraphonic 400 Snare Drum

I have been looking for a new snare drum to go with my Witt Percussion drum set which is a steam bent walnut set in 20″ bass drum, 14″ floor tom and 12″ rack tom. It is my jazz combo set. I was looking for a jazz combo snare drum. I wanted a shallow 5″ x 14″ shell. I looked at several manufacturers and shell materials before selecting a Ludwig Supraphonic 400 snare drum.

Internal Drum Muffler Alternatives

What is the deal with no internal mufflers on snare drums and toms anymore? I read complaints that they sometimes came loose and rattled and they didn’t allow for ultra-fine tone control. There other alternatives which can eliminate or control drum head overtone ring.

Tuning with a Drum Dial

I have been tuning drums by ear for years. I’d like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at it. But it is a little “hit and miss.” Not an exact science to be sure. I have known about Drum Dial for years but never bought one. I decided to get one to try out.

Triplet Stick Control Exercises for Snare Drum

I wanted some triplet exercises similar to the Stone Stick Control Exercises No. 1 – 72. I have posted previously about how I use those exercises on drum set and the order I practice them in. But they are in groups of 2 – even if you swing the 8th notes. I wanted to work with triplets and groups of 3. So I made a list of 64 possible stick combinations with 2 groups of 3.

Cowbell Recommendations for Drum Set

Cowbells are a lot like cymbals. We each have personal preferences for manufacturers and models. We need to make different selections based on the gig. Over time, I have finally settled on a trio of cowbells that I frequently use on drum set.