Drum Stand Memory Locks

I want a lightweight, quick and easy drum set up. So in that spirit I have always gone with minimal and lightweight hardware and added memory locks, Tama Quick-Set Cymbal Mates, a Meinl Percussion Tray etc.

Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12 as Drum Set

When it comes to pop music, I have been using a Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12 on many of my gigs. When I add a Yamaha HH65 Hi-Hat Controller, Yamaha KP65 Kick Tower and Yamaha XP80 Snare Pad I have a complete electronic drum set.

Bossa Nova Drum Set Style Essentials

Bossa Nova is the second in the series: Essential Latin Beats for Drum Set. Over the years I have collected a bunch of books that talk about playing various Latin styles and patterns on drum set. I kept going from one book to another searching for answers and ideas. Here are simple, stylistically accurate and essential Latin rhythms and patterns to play Bossa Nova on drum set.

Drum Set Method Book Recommendations

I thought I would list the method books that frequently are on my music stand. These are the books I most often use to practice. Over time, I have added and subtracted from the pile. In fact some of the books are recent additions. However, some of the books have been on my stand for years and will continue to be there.

AHEAD Speed Kick Beaters and Stick Bag

AHEAD Speed Kick (Switch Kick) bass drum system allows quick changes to a variety of custom bass drum beaters. And the Speed Kick Stick Bag holds 4 beaters and 6-10 pair of sticks conveniently attached to a floor tom.

Fixing Difficult Snare Drums

Many of my snare drums sound great with little to no effort. But others required a little more effort and imagination. Here are some tips and trick I have used to make even difficult snare drums sound great.

Stone Stick Control for Drum Set

I frequently teach with Stone Stick Control pp. 5 – 7. Here are some basic (beginning) drum set exercises I use from these 72 sticking exercises. I have the student play eighth notes or quarter notes on a closed hi-hat and play the R’s on the bass drum and the L’s on the snare drum.

Vintage Aquarian Drum Heads

Aquarian offers a quality selection of vintage style drum heads designed to provide a vintage sound and appearance on drum set. These heads are especially suited for older vintage drum sets.

Aquarian Drum Heads

Recently, I have become a fan of Aquarian drum heads. Not the largest selling manufacturer of drum heads. But they do offer innovative and high quality heads for drum set that sound great in a variety of musical applications.