Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12 as Drum Set

When it comes to pop music, I have been using a Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12 on many of my gigs. When I add a Yamaha HH65 Hi-Hat Controller, Yamaha KP65 Kick Tower and Yamaha XP80 Snare Pad I have a complete electronic drum set.

Drum Set Stick Recommendations

I tried 20+ pair of sticks from Promark, Vic Firth/Zildjian and Vater looking for the perfect drum stick to use on drum set. I anticipated selecting 3 pair of sticks. A small combo stick, a general stick, and a large ensemble stick. I wanted them all to be from the same manufacturer.

Three Basic Latin Beats to Cover Your Ass

I have and will continue to talk about Latin rhythms and the specific drum set beats you can use. But for the drummer new to playing Latin style music or you have no idea what type of song it is, there is one pattern you can do with your hands along with 3 possible patterns you can do with your feet.

Drums and Bass Relationship

There is one musician that every drummer should respect and get along with to be successful. That is the bass player. A good bass player can make a drummer’s life so much easier – while a bad bass player can make for a long and painful gig.

Fixing Difficult Snare Drums

Many of my snare drums sound great with little to no effort. But others required a little more effort and imagination. Here are some tips and trick I have used to make even difficult snare drums sound great.

Jim Riley Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer Review

I often recommend Jim Riley’s “Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer”. Especially to beginning adults and students who want to learn how to play drum set quickly. And also, to experienced drummers who want to get more gigs by being able to play in any style and expand their musical opportunities.

Cha Cha Drum Set Style Essentials

Cha Cha Drum Style is the first in the series: Essential Latin Drum Set Beats. Over the years I have collected a bunch of books that talk about playing various Latin styles and patterns on drum set. I kept going from one book to another searching for answers and ideas. Here are simple, stylistically accurate and essential Latin rhythms and patterns to play Cha Cha on drum set.

Afro Cuban Clave Essentials

Afro Cuban music centers around the “Clave”. With distinctions being made between Son and Rumba styles. Initially, I thought they were talking about a pair of hardwood sticks used to make a hollow sound when struck together. And even though the “Claves” will play the “Clave” – There is much more to understanding the term and how it is applied to developing simple, stylistically accurate and essential Latin rhythms and patterns to play on drum set.

Drum Stand Memory Locks

I want a lightweight, quick and easy drum set up. So in that spirit I have always gone with minimal and lightweight hardware and added memory locks, Tama Quick-Set Cymbal Mates, a Meinl Percussion Tray etc.