Stone Stick Control for Drum Set

I frequently teach with Stone Stick Control pp. 5 – 7. Here are some basic-beginning drum set exercises I use from these 72 sticking exercises. I have the student play eighth notes or quarter notes on a closed hi-hat and play the R’s on the bass drum and the L’s on the snare drum.

Vintage Aquarian Drum Heads

Aquarian offers a quality selection of vintage style drum heads designed to provide a vintage sound and appearance on drum set. These heads are especially suited for older vintage drum sets.

Aquarian Drum Heads

Recently, I have become a fan of Aquarian drum heads. Not the largest selling manufacturer of drum heads. But they do offer innovative and high quality heads for drum set that sound great in a variety of musical applications.

Salsa Foot Clave Exercises

I have previously posted about playing the Clave with Meinl Pedal Mount and Afro Cuban Salsa patterns on drum set: Mambo, Salsa Cascara and Salsa Campana. Also, an explanation of the Afro Cuban clave in Clave Essentials. I have combine these postings and developed a series of drum set practice exercises.

Drums and Bass Relationship

There is one musician that every drummer should respect and get along with to be successful. That is the bass player. A good bass player can make a drummer’s life so much easier – while a bad bass player can make for a long and painful gig.

Get More Music Gigs

Recently, I have been surprised that some of my colleagues are not well prepared or always act professional at rehearsals and performances. These are older musicians who should know better. I thought I would share some tips for drum set players (musicians) wanting to keep getting booked for gigs.

Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12 in Recording Studio

I have primarily been using my Yamaha DTX Multi-12 in live applications. I used it for musicals and orchestral gigs when I couldn’t cover all the parts, didn’t want to move large/heavy equipment or there wasn’t much space for percussion. But recently I discovered how well it worked in a recording studio setting.

Basic Multipurpose Cowbells

I have discussed cowbells previously on Drum Set Tips. Recently, I realized that I have slightly changed my original recommendations to now include Pearl Elite ECB23 Mounted Agogo Bells along with a LP 228 Black Beauty SR and a LP 205 Timbale cowbell.

Clave with Meinl Pedal Mount

I recently purchased a Meinl Pedal Mount to attach a Jam Block to start playing the Clave pattern with my left foot on Salsa music. Generally, I was never really sure what to do with my left foot on the hi-hat for Afro Cuban style music. I had seen other drummers play the Clave part with their left foot using a pedal mount and decided to incorporate it into my drum set playing.

Be a Professional Musician

If you want to get paid and treated like a professional musician then you need to act like a professional musician. Here are a few things I have learned from professional working drummers and musicians over the years to keep me working and getting paid.