Three Basic Latin Beats to Cover Your Ass

I have and will continue to talk about Latin rhythms and the specific drum set beats you can use. But for the drummer new to playing Latin style music or you have no idea what type of song it is, there is one pattern you can play with your hands along with 3 possible patterns you can play with your feet. I believe these Three Basic Latin Beats to Cover Your Ass can get you through almost any Latin tune without embarrassing yourself or anybody getting hurt.


For the hands I use a basic Jazz Samba ride which also imitates an Afro Cuban Guiro pattern on the ride cymbal, cymbal bell, Cowbell, or hi-hat along with a basic Conga pattern on snare drum (cross stick click) and rack tom:

Basic Samba Ride and Conga Pattern

Next comes adding the feet. The hi-hat will frequently close on 2 and 4 when not riding on the hi-hat. For the bass pattern you will have to listen to the bass player (assuming they have a clue) or look at the bass part to figure out which one to use. In my experience, it likely will be one of the 3 listed below:

#1 Brazilian Samba Style Bass:

Brazilian Samba Bass Pattern

Option – If you need to play the Samba Bass quickly (cleanly) simplify it with:

Simple Samba Bass Drum Pattern

#2 Afro Cuban Salsa Style Bass:

Afro Cuban Latin Bass Pattern

#3 Beguine Style Bass:

Latin Beguine Style Bass Pattern

I know Latin “purists” will criticize this post for its simplicity. But I also suspect that some drummers will like this post because of its simplicity. I have found that the hands pattern can work for just about ALL Latin styles. And then listen closely to the bass player (always good advice) to select a pattern which will match the music. Hey, sometimes we have to do what we can with what we’ve got when we’ve got it. Now it remains my hope that you will continue to develop drumming patterns specific to each Latin style. There are several detailed posts you can find here. But until then…

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